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Real Estate Trends in Hennur Road


Real Estate Trends in Hennur Road

Hennur is a Future Haven for the Bangalore Real Estate Market. Hennur is expanding, and so is this city. Hennur Main Road has attracted several potential buyers over the years. Hennur Main Road has much more vegetation and is far less populated than most of Bangalore. This region gains from well-built roadways, efficient communication, and thoughtful planning. Some of the area's USPs, or unique selling points, include those. The following are some benefits of residing in this region:

The Location Enjoys Perfect Connectivity

This community's broad highways and ongoing road construction make it the ideal connection between the Outer Ring Road and Bangalore International Airport. Because of the carefully considered placement of the roadways, Hennur's connectivity is perfect. It attracts well-known IT parks like Karle Group and Manyata Tech Park. Another advantage of the connection is that the route goes through Hennur and HBR Layout, which connect to the Banaswadi Railway Station, which is around 5.5 KM distant.

There are top IT firms and tech parks here.

Hennur, one of Bangalore's most well-known districts, has a high employment rate. It is surrounded by some of the biggest tech parks, notably the 4 km away Manyata Tech Park, and is home to some of the most famous IT businesses. Hennur enjoys a lovely climate. Only a short time is spent during the monsoon. In addition, October through February are the months with the best weather in this area. Hennur's pleasant environment is key to its status as a real estate destination.

Known and Affordable Residences Main Road in Hennur

Affordable apartment complexes have been constructed nearby by reputable developers like Kolte Patil. Kolte Patil Raaga is one such undertaking located on Hennur Main Road. On Hennur Main Road, we advise looking for investment opportunities. Our team of talented experts here at the Wealth Clinic can help you choose an appropriate investment. Over the years, Bangalore has been the center of the real estate sector, and with good reason. Bangalore has excellent infrastructure, is home to major IT companies, and has an excellent airport, making it a great place to live. Young professionals and their families now occupy Bangalore.

Bangalore has seen a lot of progress. The developed land was created in collaboration with Puravankara and the Bangalore Development Authority. The plots of Puravankara Rampura are conveniently located on Rampura Road and take up a substantial portion of the road. Just 6 miles separate Purva Oakshire from Hennur Main Road. And 15 kilometers from MG Road and Hebbal Flyover in Bengaluru. Ten kilometers from Manyata Teck Park and 8 kilometers from Budigere Cross make Bengaluru's IT clusters fairly accessible. Thirty-eight acres of land are covered with 450 BDA plots. Approved with the option to choose between 600, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, and 2800 square feet, as well as larger spaces. So you can choose the canvas on which to paint your lovely home. With top-notch amenities. A 1200 square foot of land is priced at Rs. 1.00 crore.

Purva Oakshire

Purva Oakshire

Only 6 kilometers separate Purva Oakshire from Bengaluru's Hennur Main Road, Hebbal Flyover, and MG Road. The IT centers of Bengaluru are only 10 km from Manyata Teck Park and 8 km from Budigere Cross. With the best amenities, it is your choice of canvas to build a beautiful house. Four hundred fifty plots are distributed over 38 acres of land. BDA The following sizes are approved: 600 square feet, 1200 square feet, 1500 square feet, 1800 square feet, 2400 square feet, 2800 square feet, and much larger. Starting at Rs.1.05Cr for land measuring 1200 square feet.

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