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Locality trends in Hennur Road Bangalore


Locality trends in Hennur Road Bangalore

Hennur Road is currently only residential. Future commercial growth is anticipated. Homebuyers who want to reside in Bangalore's northern district prefer it because it is one of the city's most notable neighborhoods. Apartment complexes created by numerous developers and residents now offer many for-sale apartments. Hennur Road is an impressive social infrastructure with well-planned gardens, parks, well-laid roadways, and better connection and transportation options. Numerous housing complexes in the neighborhood offer apartments due to the rising demand for apartments. Apartments in luxurious and ultra-luxurious homes are available for purchase at reasonable prices. In addition, you can find affordable flats and apartments for sale in this area for lesser prices.

The renowned real estate company Purvankhara group unveiled the magnificent plotted project, Purva Oakshire. The communities living in the vast, pure green areas will profit from the plots this planned exquisite project offers. Many conveniences in the home complex will keep you energized and interested. The property is conveniently located on Hennur Raod, offers many commuting alternatives, and is close to all the needs. It also has a seamless connection to the core city. The primary access route to surrounding communities, including Hebbal, Indira Nagar, and Cantonment, is Hennur Road. Hennur Road is well situated along the International Airport Road and is well-liked to the neighboring districts. It links to the Outer Ring Road about 6 kilometers northwest of the Benniganahalli Flyover.

Buses to Bangalore's central areas are readily available, with strong connectivity. The 8-kilometer distance needed to go to Baiyappanahalli Metro station. Hennur Road is about 29 miles from the international airport. Along the route are grocery stores, salons, cafes, banks or ATMs, and other businesses. Within 10 miles of Hennur Main Road are numerous renowned hospitals, including Purple Patch Hospital, Cloudnine, and Columbia Asia Hospital. Four excellent schools are within 10 kilometers of each other: Inspire Public School, Bengaluru International School, Royal Academy, and VIBGYOR International School. The closest recreation alternatives are Country Club, Elements Mall, and Orion East Mall. Investors or those looking to buy a home have the best indicator of how the city's real estate market is headed based on the most recent price movement of Hennur Main Road. The average cost of a property on Hennur Main Road is Rs. 1.01 crore, with prices starting at 15 lacs.

The Hennur Main Road has increased over the past few months, especially compared to Bangalore, which has experienced growth. A major route in North Bangalore, Hennur Road, splits off from the ORR around 6 km northwest of the Benniganahalli Flyover. Hennur Road has become a popular residential location for homeowners who want to be close to the city and the international airport since the Kempegowda International Airport was founded in Bangalore. As the construction of the Airport began in 2005, significant builders and buyers became more interested in the local real estate market. Despite Hennur's modest real estate prices, they are rising since reputable developers have already started buying land and constructing commercial and residential homes.

Bangalore's proximity to the new airport has grown considerably, particularly around Hennur Road. Before, this location was another outlying neighborhood where people who commuted into the city would dwell. Hennur saw the expansion of some local businesses, including nursery schools. Due to its proximity to the airport, Hennur Road quickly acquired popularity among home builders and investors. Hennur Road has grown commercially and now offers a wide variety of showrooms, including Nike and Bata, banks and ATMs, and marketplaces like Reliance Fresh. In this neighborhood, there are many pharmacies and dentistry offices.

Purva Oakshire

Purva Oakshire

At Rampura, off Hennur Road in North Bangalore, the Purva Oakshire Plot is a brand-new development with a futuristic projected expansion. This project offers plots of 30x40, 30x50, and 40x60 dispersed throughout vast land. The Purva Oakshire Rampura pre-launch plots are built in the city's most lucrative residential areas and planned and constructed to garner great price benefits. Because of its accessibility, employment hubs, and physical and social infrastructure, Rampura is a prime investment location. Many real estate possibilities are available in this area from some of the most renowned developers.

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